It’s been over a year! And I’m still Bright!

My daily breakfast. Never gets old.

I can’t say I’ve been a ‘crystal vaser’ as they call people who never swerve on the path of Bright Line Eating, but one year later, I’m 37 pounds lighter, and I still feel like I will never be fooled again. I may choose to be off the path for a time, because I don’t believe in ‘die-its’, but rather in ‘live-its’ and I will be living with this for evermore. Had I been more diligent and cut my lines more sharply, I could probably have released more bulk. . .


I mostly choose not to eat flour and sugar – like 98% of the time. And my body has responded by releasing the equivalent of 3, almost 4, 10# bags of potatoes! Lucky for me, (I tell myself) I’m only a 5 on the susceptibility scale. Which can be a boon or a bust. I have to realize that that is NOT permission to stand at the precipice and peer over the edge.

THE thing that got me started, and convinced me that I could do anything, was drinking black coffee. Anyone who knew me, knows that I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar. And when I was able to drink my coffee black, I was amazed! After that, the rest was easy. Now I drink 1 cup of black coffee for the balancing effect my body requires, and it’s not as comforting or pleasurable, but it’s also a victory! For full disclosure, during my eating window, I do add honey and cream to my second cup of coffee. Honey is NOT refined sugar, and while not as satisfying to the taste, it’s a worthy compromise. If I were more than a 5, honey might push me into other sugars, but I haven’t found that to be a problem. Truth be told, it’s not satisfying enough to be much worth it, so I don’t add it as often either. I seldom finish my second cup of coffee.

I kind of got myself in financial deep waters when I bought a COSTCO card and started spending $800/month on groceries. I was feeding myself and two others, and we all ate like kings for a while. Not only did I get tired of going in the hole financially, but we all got tired of the same food over and over, because that’s what COSTCO sells.

So I stopped shopping at COSTCO, except for a few things I can’t live without – organic blueberries, kiwi, organic apples, organic pecans, etc., and now I more wing it. And I don’t eat many veggies, but I do avoid sugar and flour. Lucky for me, I am not a ‘foodie’, so as long as I’m not hungry, I don’t have a large investment in variety.

I’m moving to a farm where we eat daily from the garden, and that will be helpful. I have eaten the same breakfast every day for a year, and I love it dearly. 1 oz. dry (but then cooked) oatmeal, 6 oz fruit (maybe a little more, because I use the whole small apple), 1 oz pecans, and 1 softly boiled egg, with a sprinkle of hemp hearts. The fruit is prolly a little more than the recommended portions, but it’s not bacon and eggs and waffles and syrup. I’m good. Best part of my breakfast now that I’m on the farm is the fresh-from-the-nest duck egg I eat every morning!

Then I eat one more meal a day, preferably before 4pm, although that isn’t always possible. and truthfully, I don’t weigh or measure, or plan ahead. AND, I’m still slowly releasing weight, so I’m good.

For six months, from October til mid March, I was STUCK at 222, down from 254. Then a penny dropped, and I got UNSTUCK from a situation I had been having a hard time with since about October, and within two days, I dropped to 219, and have continued to drop ounces a day since, for a new low of 217.

I’ve also incorporated intermittent fasting, aiming for an eating window of noon to 4pm. The hardest part of that, and there are several hard parts, is that I’m not hungry again by 4.

I’m reporting here, for presumably NO BODY who cares, because for the past 50 years, I have started and stopped so many times, failed so many times, given up so many times, felt defeated and hopeless and more hopeless every other time I’ve ever attempted to shape-shift from overweight to not. And while I am still not where I hope to be someday, I have hope now that it can truly happen. After a whole year! I’ve never lost hope or given up. And truly, I believe, I never will again. THAT is the take-away. I have hope. The truth has set me free, and I am no longer driving from the back seat.

Bless you, Susan Pierce Thompson. You are my shero!

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1 Response to It’s been over a year! And I’m still Bright!

  1. Julia, I care. Congratulations on the pounds that have dropped away, and keep the faith.

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