It’s Been a Month. . .

My breakfastWho would have guessed what could happen in a month?  When I began this journey, COVID-19 wasn’t a word in our vocabularies.  I was still free to shop with abandon, and I brought home a LOT of new (to me) kinds of daily fare.

This is my new breakfast:  1 oz (when dry) oatmeal, 1 egg, 1 oz pecans, and 6 oz. fresh fruits.  salt and pepper, and
Oh My Gooooooooodness!

I have cooked three meals a day, eaten on time (for the most part) weighed and measured exactly, and not one, (really!) BLT (bite, lick or taste) in between.  An amazing development is that I don’t even feel hungry until I do, and when I look at the clock, it’s 20 minutes till time to eat again!  This is truly a new experience for me.

One noticeable change is that I don’t drink my morning coffee so much for recreation now, as for it’s balancing effects.  I down the one cup and don’t wish for two or three more, since it’s just coffee and cream, and not all that enjoyable.

This morning, before writing, I read through my previous entries, and was truly mortified by how many times I have tried and failed before to do this very thing.  And every time before, I wrote two or three entries before abandoning that attempt, never to be mentioned again until the next round of failure.  It’s not discouraging to me, though, because THIS TIME, I have the secret weapon.  The curtain has been pulled on my lizard brain hold on me, and NOW I know why I failed every time.  I will never be fooled again.  I will never blame my failure on my laziness, or inability to control myself, or my God Self for  creating me in this image so I’d learn to love myself anyway.  THIS TIME, I know that if I do fail, I can re-ZOOM, and I can be assured that in the end, I will win.

My progress isn’t much noticeable yet, although I did remeasure all the squidgy bits and I’ve released a collective 5 inches from various parts.  I ordered a people scale which will arrive next Tuesday, and I can weigh again then.  AND, I honestly am not focused on that.  What I am focused on, thanks to James Clear in Atomic Habits, and Susan Peirce Thompson, and my Rapid Eye Technology training, is the system.  I keep my daily routine of 4 simple bright lines:  No sugar, No flour, 3 pre-planned meals, in weighed and measured amounts.  That’s my only job.

In Rapid Eye, one basic training is the principle of BE-DO-HAVE versus HAVE-DO-BE.  For instance, rather than saying, “When I HAVE enough money, I will be able to DO whatever I want, and then I will BE happy.” I have learned that “I AM the person who DOES what I need to do in order to HAVE whatever I want.”  So, in this case, I am the person who eats three measured, pre-planned meals a day of whole food with no sugar or flour.  Whatever comes of that can only be better than what I’ve had before.  It’s so simple, and so empowering to feel like I am in control of what I eat, and when I do, I feel full and satisfied, and ready to do other things.

One really great side-benefit of being the chief cook, is that I am also the chief cleaner-upper, and our kitchen has never been so immaculate.  Since I do all the cooking, I clean up as I go, and it’s never really a big deal.  I really love that.  I live in a household with people who have no awareness of what it might be to rinse a dish or clean up after themselves.  It used to really really really irritate me to come into the kitchen and have to find the sink before I could cook a meal.  Now, I make it a game.  I’m there often enough that not much can pile up before I find the mess and I can cheerfully remedy the situation before it dries and sticks.  I’m also noticing that coming into a shiny bright kitchen so often has begun to inspire some to rinse their own dishes rather than dropping them into an empty sink.   One can only hope…

My housemates are also really enjoying the new food plan, and while they sometimes supplement with some of their old favorites (pie-crust quiche, pizza, and mac-n-cheese), they are for the most part delighted to partake of my healthy fare.  It’s been a win-win.

It has been my experience so far that since I do all the shopping, I buy all the groceries, and I’m pretty much spending my whole paycheck to keep the food coming in, but I don’t really care. Given that I live rent and utility and car insurance free, with my live-in Grandma gig, I’m good.  In the past, it was pretty much each for his own, and the food was never so abundant.  I choose this.

What HAS changed, is that I have not wasted one morsel of food purchased.  THAT is very new.  In the past, I would buy food with the good intentions of cooking it and throw it away when it turned inedible in the fridge.  NOW, all meals are planned and shopped for, and I am finding my stride in knowing how much to get on a weekly basis.  I was so proud to completely empty the freezer of protein choices by the time I shopped again last Tuesday.  The freezer has become a sorted repository of protein, veggies, fruits, and nuts (though I don’t use frozen fruits or veggies much) but at least I know what’s there, and can use it accordingly.

Sheltering at home has been a joy for me.  Besides eating regularly, I have also sewn so far about 400 masks to be distributed to health care workers, and now the general public at the post office.  Combining that task with happy music, Audible stories, and some Netflix, I’m a happy girl.

By this time next year, who knows what may have transpired?  I’m excited to find out.



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