Year-end Tidings of Great Joy!

Wow…how long has it been?  I was just reading my last post, talking about my youngest son’s wedding preparations, and OMG!   It’s a good thing my  kids don’t know I have a blog, nor care to read them, because I  named my second born as my fourth, together with his new wife…oooops…. I know I used to call them ChrisBenDaveJoe all in one because I could never get the right name out first, but dang!

I also notice that the last date of writing here was in October, 2017!  A whole year has passed…wow.  Lots has happened –  guess it doesn’t matter to list all here…  Suffice it to say that I came home from the wedding and began my next quilt marathons, and just finished them, so here they are:


TARDIS!  My 16-yr-old grandson is obviously a DR. WHO fan, and this Tardis is hurtling through the stars.  I purchased the panel and amazing background fabric online.   I was delighted to see that from beneath the quilt, with the light shining through, IT’S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!

SULR5926This labor of love is double batted, so it’s FLUFFY and cozy.  I was so happy to be able to purchase a Janome 6600 Memorycraft sewing machine, with it’s built-in walking foot, so quilting this was literally a joy.  Not a single tuck on the back.  I did quilt each block individually, and then sew them together with also quilted strips.  I built three variations of three different stars, and then doubled each, for a total of 18 blocks,, as well as the four corner stars.  It was a total joy to create.  In the 5 panels of the door, are Galifreyan phrases like, “Learning never exhausts the mind”, and “Love cures people”, “Life is a story – make it a good one” , “Nothing is permanent but change”, and my favorite, which may or may not be a Dr. Who quote, “I love you to the moon and back!”

I was happy to find a Galifreyan generator online so I could get the phrases, and I challenged my free motion quilting abilities to get them on the quilt.  Not perfect, but my very best effort.

Because I believe that anticipation is better then surprise, I shared the progress of the quilt with my grandson, and he was happy to get it after such a long time in progress.  I held my breath until it was delivered, as I am told that quilts are among the most commonly ‘lost’ items in the mail.

Here is the next endeavor, a story quilt for my younger grandson, Mikey.

Finished quilt

I also included a book with this quilt which you can see here:

If it isn’t obvious, I have become a paper piecing deva!  Having purchased each of these patterns at $5-7 apiece,  you can imagine how much time and money went into this joyful venture — all made more than worth it when I received a video of Mikey reading his book to me, and halfway through, getting the connection that the book and quilt were a pair.  It was really fun, and I highly recommend the investment for any granny who wants to leave a lasting impression of how much you care about those little darlings.

I’m now off to finish the “Christmas stretching” wall hangings I’m making for the other set of two grandkids….since I won’t them them done by Christmas, I’m prolonging the joy just another week or so.

I stitched a second ‘gypsy wagon’ to signify my four sons and their kids’ enjoyment of Roald Dahl’s “Danny Champion of the World”

Reed Christmas 2018

and a ‘catitudes’ trio (still in progress) for my only granddaughter (so far).

Lily Christmas 2018

Phew!  A good productive year!  WHAT will I do with myself now?







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2 Responses to Year-end Tidings of Great Joy!

  1. I hope the kids love these gifts forever. They were amazing to see in person. And love the new cat quilt. I wish you were my Grandma. I can envision a really cool quilt… 😉

  2. Fair Julia says:

    All you have to do is ask my dear….I’d LOVE to make a quilt for you

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