Catch UP -Happy Sharings

IMG_0531As I said, in spite of my grueling schedule of the last year, I have been very busy!  I don’t have a finished view of this quilt because I accidently reset my phone and lost a lot of photos, but this is a quilt I made for Noa for Christmas last year.  I wish I had the finished photo.  The border was almost the best part, and to tie it, I tied tiny buttons in each corner of the each of the largest squares on a black backing.  It is really beautiful.  I complemented the quilt with two magic pillow cases, which were also fun and beautiful.

This pattern is a stained glass pattern that you cut into various slanted cuts and rotate through.  Kind of a pain, and not one I would try again, but I was happy with this one.

Next, I made a wall hanging for my little brother (one year younger than me) who builds bird houses.  If you can see, these are done in trapunto, even the tiny eggs in the nests are puffy!  Oh so fun!cropped birds

After that, I did one for my granddaughter, in trapunto with BEADS and glitter of a collection of alphabetized fairies.  I gave it to my granddaughter, but her mom didn’t really like it, so after sitting in her closet for a few years, I’ve brought it home to enjoy myself.


So that brought me to a new quilt for Reed, my little guy who reads like a third grader at 5!  Each important figure in this quilt was outlined, with double batting all round, to make it especially cozy and to make the figures fatter.


IMG_0466To enhance his cuddling experience, I took photos of each of the squares and wrote alliterative nonsense in a 7″x7″ book entitled, “A Book for Reed to Read”, which included LOTS of really big words that I hope he still can’t quite read.  (He just turned 6).  I published the book on BLURB, and because the photos were not authorized, I am unable to show the book in public…but there are a few copies around….  I also duplicated the quilt and the book for another of my hanai grandsons, Reagan.

Reed frontis piece

Reed front page

Next up was Hannah’s quilt.  She LOVES wolves, so I made her a quilt with wolves and paper pieced (my new passion) stars…

Oh wait!  I almost forgot!  My youngest son got married, and they ordered up a quilt that caused me to up my game….

(continued next blog)


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