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I guess they limit the length of blogs here, because half of what I shared got dropped from the last post, (or maybe I was offlline while adding?  who knows…anyway…..)


I left off with my son, Joe,  and Erin getting married last weekend, and last year, in preparation, I made them a quilt.  I was determined to deliver it to them BEFORE the destination wedding so I could get the proper ooohh’s and aaahhhh’s due in person.  So I delivered it to them at our (now) annual mother’s day/birthday gathering in Oregon.


I changed the corner and side panels three times from the kit, before I was happy with them. Learned a wonderful new technique for applique using a paintbrush with spray starch and an iron to form the applique pieces around paper…..oooh la laaaaa!  so much work!


430ABF94-FAA0-1A0B-06B75F7F820AC5D1The star was actually the easy part.  This is a Ginny Beyer kit, although I drastically changed the design of the corner and side panels.   LOVE her color combos, although honestly, I had my doubts when the kids chose this one.  It comes in two other color ways that I would have preferred.  Her corner designs are probably more beautiful, but they were beyond my applique abilities.  I also made 4 beautiful ‘magic’ pillowcases to go with this quilt, which I wish I had photos of….


THEN came Hannah’s quilt.  She LOVES wolves, so when I found this panel on Society 6 , I ordered it right away.   It was a little SPENDY, but then who cares when we’re pleasing our loved ones?  It was too big, so I cut it down to 36″ wide, and added my new passion, paper pieced stars in the colors that mirrored the light of the moon…

We were amazed to find gray flannel snowflakes and white on white snowflakes for the star backgrounds.


I learned a LOT about paper piecing in this project, and my favorite method turned out to be freezer paper piecing.  I highly recommend it and encourage you to explore YouTube for great instructions…


8C374D84-2385-48F5-9C15-B33E3C8042BAIn quilting, Hannah (8) helped me quite a bit and we outlined each of the squares of the stars, as well as the wolf, and got creative about leaving whiskers in long white threads on his muzzle.  Hannah’s mom, understandably, doesn’t want her daughter’s cute little face on Facebook yet, so we got a photo in showing Hannah’s approval of the quilt with no face showing… Bruno likes it too!6C3593C1-568D-4B16-A7F5-FCDD303D7E54


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  1. Love the photo of Hannah!

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