Time Flies! And So Do I…

IMG_0107SO MUCH has happened since I last had a chance to write here.  By the fact that I’m writing again, you can surmise that I am no longer managing Hotel Honoka’a. The transition from there to here was one of such grace that I marvel still.

For the whole time I was there, in spite of the fact that it was hot and humid and hard, I loved it.  It was uncanny.  There was nothing to love.  Believe me.  But, as noted in my last post, I really did love it.

My friends were baffled, as was I, frankly, as to why the most capable and creative person I know (okay, mostly me, but who can choose among my precious array of friends) was happy to be a glorified motel maid with a tyranical employer.

Everytime I would begin to wonder, or chaffe under the tyrany, my little inner voice would say, “not yet, small bear, not yet.”  And I would shrug and carry on.

During my very long days (from 7 am to usually 9 pm) I continued to be creative in my office presence — I’ll show the fruits of my labors in a minute –.  When I wasn’t doing my long list of duties, I kept my fingers busy, with week-long spurts of heavy lifting in the creative department, filled with 3-week periods of small stuff in the slow times.  (My schedule was 21 days on, and 7 days off).

Then one day, nine months later, the day came when the tyrany was too much.  I very calmly said, “It’s obvious to me that nothing I can do will ever please you, and I think it’s time to call it quits.”  And she agreed.  That easy.  That was on a Wednesday.

There was never a moment of panic – even though I had burned all my bridges, and had no idea where I would go, or what I would do for a living, or how I would live according my 2012 Martin Luther King Day edict of not paying rent and not having a 9-5 job again.  (This job wasn’t 9-5 — it wasn’t a job.  It was indentured serviture!)

Anyway, I had my week off coming, and my two  weeks vacation, and two weeks of severance time.  I had five weeks to find a place and move.  Very gracious indeed of the hotel owner.

Every time a thought would come into my head, “I better apply for that job” or, “I need to fill out the application for senior housing” or whatever, the immediate response inside would be, “No need.  Just take your time off and relax.”  So I did.

Then on Monday, the following week, I felt inspired to check Craig’s List, (though several times before I had shrugged the thought off), and there, in the first paragraph was a just-placed ad for a large lovely room in exchange for help with getting kids to school.  I responded,, and within five minutes, the mom called me back, and the next day, I moved into the sweetest room with the sweetest family, and two half-grown children who need a grandma.  I still had four weeks to pack and move my stuff, and I’ve never looked back.  All within six days of quitting my other job.

NOW, I live with a family including the cutest 8-yr-old girl child who loves my company, and a 13-year-old young man (gone for the summer now) who puts up with me on the drive to school.  I’m free again to do whatever I need or want to do.  With all my needs provided.  It’s a miracle!  And so joyfully received.

I truly live in grace.  I am so grateful!


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