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I’m posting this as a replay of a letter I wrote last year (2012) at Easter time.  More than a year has passed since I wrote it, and though I am living in a different place, so much of it … Continue reading

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And further, more….

I’ve recently been challenged to imagine that money is no object in my decision-making process for what I really, really, really WANT in my life.  Honestly, it’s a hard thing for me, because the truth is, I want for very, … Continue reading

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Remembering that I AM as Rich as God…

I’ve ‘always’ from very early days of my awakening process, realized that ‘I am as rich as God’. It has been a tenant of my daily life.  That, together with my unfailing belief that “it’s all good” have carried me … Continue reading

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Wonder is afoot…

Catch-up time, and hold the mouse-turd….ok, sorry, couldn’t help myself.  So much has happened since I last posted here….time for a re-past. Meeting my grandchildren was a magical experience….wow….they are adorable.  I’ll spare you the details…I know you have your … Continue reading

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